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When entering into any kind of commercial agreement it is vitally important that everyone involved in the transaction knows exactly what is expected of them.

To avoid problems, pitfalls and to keep your  business flowing smoothly, partners, customers, clients, suppliers and sellers all need to have a clear idea of their rights and obligations.

At Hollingsworths we believe that a properly constructed commercial agreement can help prevent any uncertainty or dispute by identifying the responsibilities of all the parties involved.  And, if a dispute does arise, having well drafted agreements in place can help you to resolve any issues more easily.

We specialise in drafting and interpreting commercial agreements and explaining them in a straightforward way that everyone can understand. We realise that you will be working with your agreements every day, so we tailor them to make sure they meet your specific business needs.

Hollingsworths are experts in drawing up shareholders agreements, advising on partnership agreements and preparing terms and conditions for appointments, sales, purchases and the supply of services.

Knowing that your business has the right paperwork will give you greater peace of mind, so talk to us if you need help drafting new documents or  reviewing or updating existing agreements.

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