Commercial transactions are the life-blood of any business, but unfortunately the contractual terms on which those transactions are based are not always clear and do not always reflect what was intended. Sometimes, there are no terms at all, or you find that you are bound by the other parties' terms.  This can cause considerable problems for your business.

At Hollingsworths we can help you avoid any uncertainty or dispute by drafting a properly constructed commercial agreement which identifies the rights and obligations of all parties in clear, unambiguous terms. We can draft commercial agreements, interpret commercial agreements and, most importantly, explain what they contain in a straightforward way which everyone understands.

We fully recognise that our clients have to work with their agreements on a daily basis, so we tailor the contracts to meet individual needs.  So, if you require a new contract or would like to review or update an existing one,  please let us know. We can help.


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