Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are often found, wrongly, in the small print on the back of a company's invoice.  They are important as they can apportion risk between two businesses who are contracting with each other.

Without Terms and Conditions, the general law will apply, leaving you unprotected if for example, the other party defaults on payment.  And, it is not only the content of Terms and Conditions which is relevant.

It matters where they appear in your  company's documents and how they are incorporated into the contract with your customer.  Printing the terms on the back of  a company’s invoice is not the right place for them because the invoice is seen after,  and not at the time that the contract was made.

Terms and Conditions are usually written by a commercial solicitor who takes instructions from the company’s directors, and drafts them to reflect how the business works.  At Hollingsworths we can help with drafting the Terms and Conditions and can advise you on how to introduce them into your business.

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