Settling a commercial dispute

11th August, 2017

Most commercial disputes are settled, but why would you settle a strong case that you are confident will succeed? (more…)

Bring your own device (BYOD) to work: what does this mean for employers?

10th December, 2014

This briefing note highlights the potential risks and benefits for businesses of allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices (such as tablets, smartphones, laptops or notebook computers) for business purposes. (more…)

Asit Jansari is “Company Car Man” in today’s Leicester Mercury

9th December, 2014

Our director Asit Jansari is featured in today’s Business Section of the Leicester Mercury.

Asit talks of his love of gadgets, and answers questions of on the Chancellor’s autumn statement and the fear that computers may take over the world.

Asit is a litigation solicitor, specialising in commercial disputes, contract law, building disputes and debt recovery.

Restrictive Covenant Disputes: Are restrictive covenants enforceable?

5th December, 2014

At Hollingsworths, our litigation team regularly work with employers and employees in relation to disputes relating to restrictive covenants in employment contracts.

We advise on the terms of restrictive covenants, including drafting the covenants for employers to include in employment contracts, the enforceability of covenants, bringing and defending claims and team moves. (more…)

Employed or Self Employed?

5th December, 2014

This briefing note explains the significance of the distinction between an employee, a worker and a self-employed contractor and also highlights the legal status of volunteers. (more…)

Directors’ business use of company assets: Rockall v HMRC

7th November, 2014

It is a common misconception that only the private use of a company asset can give rise to a taxable benefit. Owner-managers, who invariably have power and control over assets, need to be particularly aware that business use of a company asset may give rise to a taxable benefit. (more…)

Employees using work email and the internet: What can go wrong?

11th October, 2014

This briefing notes highlights the risks all employees should be aware of when using e-mail and the internet at work, sending work related e-mails or discussing the workplace on the internet. (more…)

Tenancy deposit schemes – what are they and how do they work?

15th September, 2014

This briefing note explains what a tenancy deposit scheme (TDS) is and what a landlord’s obligations are under a TDS. (more…)

Restrictive Covenants: A Quick Guide

16th May, 2014

This business briefing explains what restrictive covenants are, when they are likely to be enforceable and how they can be used in employment contracts to protect a business’s interests. (more…)

Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013

16th May, 2014

With effect from 13 June 2014, new legislation will take effect to govern trading relationships between traders and consumers where contracts are concluded off business premises, on business premises and at a distance. What the change will see in June 2014 is an increase in the amount of information that needs to be supplied. (more…)