Commercial and Corporate Services

Commercial and Corporate Services in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

Commercial transactions are the vital to business, and to keep everything flowing smoothly it’s crucial that vendors, partners and customers know what to expect.

At Hollingsworths, we believe that a properly constructed commercial agreement can help prevent any uncertainty or dispute by clearly identifying the rights and obligations of all the parties involved. And if a dispute does arise, having clear agreements in place can help you to resolve any issues more easily.

We specialise in drafting and interpreting commercial agreements, and explaining them in a clear way that everyone can understand. We know that you will be working with your agreements every day, so we tailor them to make sure they meet your business needs.

Our experience includes drafting shareholders agreements, advising on partnership agreements and preparing terms and conditions for appointments, sales, purchases and the supply of services.

Call us on 0116 204 7260, or email us to discuss how we can help you to achieve the commercial agreements that are right for your business.