Bespoke Contract Drafting

Bespoke Contract Drafting in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

Commercial transactions are the life-blood of business. Unfortunately, the contractual terms upon which those transactions take place are not always clear and do not always clearly reflect what was intended. Sometimes, there can be no terms at all, or you are bound by the other parties’ terms. This can cause considerable problems for your business.

Your commercial solicitor can draft a properly constructed commercial agreement to help your business to try to avoid any uncertainty or dispute by identifying the rights and obligations of the parties in clear and unambiguous terms.

Hollingsworths Solicitors draft commercial agreements, interpret commercial agreements and most importantly explaining them to our clients in a clear way that everyone understands. We recognise that our clients have to work with the agreements on a daily basis, so we tailor them to your needs.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Drafting a Shareholders Agreement and Director’s Service Contract for a construction business based in Leicestershire
  • Advising on a Partnership Agreement for a firm involved in the insurance industry
  • Preparing Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services for a business in the building trade
  • Advising on an agreement for the appointment of a Commercial Agent based in Leicestershire
  • Drafting Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Terms and Conditions of Sale for a printing company
  • Preparing Employment Contracts and Statements of Terms of Employment for a Leicester company
  • Advising on the practical steps required to introduce Terms and Conditions and the requirements for incorporating those Terms into agreements with customers and suppliers for a Grantham based company.

At Hollingsworths Solicitors, we can help with your commercial agreements.

If you like to discuss your commercial agreements with us, please call us on 0116 204 7260 or email us.