Business Sales and Purchases

Business Sales and Purchases in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

When a business is sold or purchased, this will usually require the help of a company law solicitor.

A business sale is often either a purchase of the shares in the company by the buyer from the seller, or a purchase of the assets of the company by the buyer from the seller. At Hollingsworths Solicitors, we can explain the implications of a share purchase/sale sale compared to an asset purchase/asset sale.

If you are purchasing a business, by buying the shares, you takeover the entire business and this will include any historical claims and liabilities of the company that is being purchased. For this reason, buyers often purchase only the assets of the business.

Your company law solicitor will advise you on the agreement to sell or purchase your business, and will give advice on the warranties that are often requested by a buyer from a seller, the enquiries that a buyer should be making from a seller about the company and its assets and the practical steps when selling or buying a business.

At Hollingsworths Solicitors, we can help with your business sale or purchase.

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