Terms and Conditions

Commercial Terms and Conditions in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

Terms and Conditions are often the small print that is written on the back of company’s invoices.

Terms and Conditions for businesses often cover:

  • the sale of goods
  • the purchase of goods
  • the provision of services
  • the purchase of services

Terms and Conditions can apportion risk between two businesses who are contracting with each other. Without Terms and Conditions, the general law will apply, which for example, will not limit the liability of a defaulting party from the damages claim from the innocent party.

It is not only the content of the Terms and Conditions which is important, it is where the Terms and Conditions are included in the company’s documents and how those terms are incorporated into the contract with the customer. Printing the terms on the back of company’s invoices is not the right place for the terms, because the invoice is seen after the contract was made, and not at the time the contract was made.

Terms and Conditions are usually drafted by a commercial solicitor who takes instructions from the company’s director, and drafts them to reflect how the business works.

At Hollingsworths Solicitors, we can help with drafting the Terms and Conditions and advising the company on introducing the Terms and Conditions.

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