Compromise Agreements

Compromise Agreements in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

An employee has certain statutory rights and contractual rights whilst in employment.

When an Employee’s employment ends, the Employee is free to settle any claims arising from his or her contractual rights with the employer. However, the employee is not free to settle claims in respect of his or her statutory rights without receiving advice from a qualified advisor, often an employment law Solicitor. This advice from the employment law Solicitor often relates to a compromise agreement offered by an Employer to an Employee.

A compromise agreement records the terms and payments to be made by an Employer to an Employee in return for a waiver by the Employee of statutory employment law claims. For a compromise agreement to be valid, certain conditions must be satisfied. These include that the agreement must be in writing, relate to particular proceedings and the Employee must receive advice on the effect of the agreement on the Employee’s ability to pursue their rights.

An Employee, who is offered a compromise agreement, will usually seek advice from an employment law Solicitor. The cost of this advice is usually paid wholly or in part by the Employer. The compromise agreement will usually contain a contribution to the legal fees of the Employee for taking the necessary advice. The advice given under a compromise agreement should not be seen as a formality since the Employee is compromising potentially valuable and important employment law claims under the terms of the compromise agreement.

At Hollingsworths, we can provide advice for both Employers and Employees on compromise agreements and employment law. Our advice is practical and delivered in clear terms.

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