Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

Employees that have been employed for one month or more are entitled to a written statement of certain particulars of employment within two months of them starting with the Employer. These are the requirements of section 1 of The Employment Rights Act 1996. Employees must be notified in writing for any changes in these particulars as soon as possible and, in any event, within one month.

The standard terms are often added to the additional clauses which protect both the Employer and the Employee – creating a bespoke Employment Contract. For example, an Employer may be keen to protect its confidential information and ensure that an Employee does not unfairly compete with the Employer after he/she leaves the Employer’s employment. These types of clauses are called restrictive covenants. It is highly recommended that consideration is giving to restrictive covenants in Employment Contracts.

At Hollingsworths, we regularly draft Employment contracts for both senior and junior members of staff that allow Employers to comply with their legal requirements to supply employment terms to Employees, and providing reassurance on employment law issues for the business going forward.

We can advise on:

  • Employment Contracts for Employers, including drafting new employment contracts or amending old employment contracts
  • Changes to the Employment Contract and how changes to employment terms can be made by an Employer
  • An employment contract for an Employee who is moving jobs and wishes to either have their old or their new contracts reviewed and considered.

If you would like Employment Law advice on drafting employment contracts, changing employment contracts or reviewing employment contracts, please contact Hollingsworths Solicitors on 0116 2047260 or by email.