Grant of Probate

Grant of Probate in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

Following a persons death, if the deceased has died with a Will, it is often necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation from the Court called a Grant of Probate. The Grant of Probate confirms the legal authority given to the Executor of a deceased’s Will to act in the administration of the estate.

The Grant of Probate allows the Executor to deal with the assets in a deceased’s estate, for example to close the deceased’s bank account, to sell property and to pay debts and expenses of the administration of the estate.

The Grant of Probate also proves the validity of the Will.

Where an individual dies without a Will (this is called intestacy), an application is still required in order to administer the estate. However, this is an application for Letters of Administration.

We can help guide the Executors through a Grant of Probate application, the administration of the Estate and distributing the assets.

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