Get your company in shape with our Legal Healthcheck Service

Whether you've been trading for years or you're about to launch your business, Hollingsworths Legal Healthcheck Service is designed to identify the legal documentation, systems and knowledge you need to operate and protect your business interests. 

If you're just starting out then you'll need the right paperwork to trade, buy and sell  your goods and services and take on people and retain subcontractors.  And, if  you're already established, it's probably time to update existing employment contracts or draft new ones.

Do you need  to protect against your employees leaving  you then poaching your clients or customers?  If so we can draw up restrictive covenants which  may prohibit staff from competing with you for a certain period after they've left your employment.

Are unpaid debts damaging your cash flow and ability to trade?  Don't worry, we can help you  recover the money you're owed. On business-to-business debts you can claim up to £100  per invoice  in compensation for late payment - even on  debts that are nearly six years old.

We can also check that your terms and conditions are in good shape, that  your pricing and payment arrangements are properly set out, and, that if things do go wrong, your liability is limited.  And, if you're facing a claim, we can provide advice and reassurance.

Hollingsworths Legal Healthcheck: the workout for your business.

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