Bankruptcy in Leicester, Leicestershire and nationwide

Hollingsworths advise clients on issuing and defending Bankruptcy Petitions.

A Bankruptcy Petition is an application filed with the Court that may lead, if the application is granted by the Court, to a Bankruptcy Order being made against an individual. A Bankruptcy Petition must be based on a debt of £750 or more.

If the order is made, all the debtor’s assets will vest in their Trustee in Bankruptcy. It is therefore a very serious threat to a person on the receiving end of a Bankruptcy Petition.

Our advice on Bankruptcy Petitions includes:

  • Issuing or defending a Bankruptcy Petition
  • Advising on options following the threat of a Bankruptcy Petition, including Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Debt Relief Orders

The advice required by an individual on a Bankruptcy Petition is time critical. For advice on Bankruptcy Petitions, please call us on 0116 204 7260 or email us.