A boundary marks the spot where ownership of land changes.

It is not, as you might imagine,  limited to the point on the ground where two pieces of land meet, but extends up to the sky and down below the surface of the land.

Boundary disputes can arise where someone occupies land when they are not entitled to do so. Conflict can also occur where somebody builds a structure  which passes over the boundary either above ground or below ground - a trespass into airspace, for example.

Many of the cases we see include issues that relate to the Party Wall Act. Boundary disputes commonly crop up where boundaries are moved or structures are built such as  extensions and  garage conversions.  House renovations which extend across the boundary line can also be contentious. Crossing  a boundary in this way is trespassing and  the usual legal  remedy is to request an injunction to remove  the trespass.

At Hollingsworths we regularly assist home owners  with issues relating to boundaries, working alongside their legal expense insurers to enforce our clients' rights.






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