Landlords & Tenants

Whether you're a landlord who is owed rent by your tenants, or you're a tenant who is being wrongly evicted by your landlord, the chances are you would benefit from some timely and professional legal advice.

At Hollingsworths we have wide experience in handling landlord and tenant issues, both in the commercial leasing and the residential letting sectors, so talk to us if you're in dispute over a business lease or a domestic tenancy, such as an assured shorthold tenancy.

We can help landlords recovery unpaid rent, assist them with claims against tenants for damage to property and advise them on evictions - especially    landlords who want to evict tenants on assured shorthold tenancies.

Hollingsworths  can also assist tenants who are being wrongly evicted, and tenants who might be entitled to bring a claim against their landlord where their tenancy deposit has not been properly secured.  Landlords must  secure deposits and provide certain information to the tenant.  If they fail to do so, the tenant is entitled to bring a claim against them for three times the value of the deposit.





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