Professional Negligence

Professional negligence is where a professional adviser fails to reach the required standard expected by the client and something goes wrong with the delivery of  their  service.

The sort of  professionals it tends to  relate to includes solicitors, accountants, property valuers, financial advisers,  surveyors and architects.

Clients expect a reasonable standard of  care and professionalism from their advisers, and if  an adviser fails to meet that standard and the client suffers a loss,  the client  is entitled to bring a claim for that loss.

For solicitors, examples of  professional negligence might include missing a time limit, failing to explain the legal terms of a document or the poor drafting of  a contract.

In the case of financial advisers,  it may  cover  failure to obtain all the necessary information from the client and to provide those facts  to the insurer.  In some policies, for instance,  not disclosing a pre-existing  medical condition can lead to the policy being cancelled when a claim is made.

Where surveyors are concerned, a professional negligence claim may be brought against them  if their  reports were  inadequate, defects were not identified and warnings not given.

At Hollingsworths we have many years of  experience in this area and can help and advise you with professional negligence claims.





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